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  • Taking Care of the Day-to-Day Management of Your Rental Property

    On top of matching clients with their perfect properties, Snelling-Chevalier Real Estate can also help owners manage their rental properties. While many rental property owners handle the day to day management themselves, others may not want to be hands-on landlords. That’s where Snelling-Chevalier comes in. They have the experience and skill to handle all tenant activities on your property. Their comprehensive service can be customized to fit your exact needs. They’ll take care of only the tasks you want them to. Don’t let your everyday life get bogged down by rental property stress. Let Snelling-Chevalier Real Estate free up your time and energy with their property management services!

    The experts at Snelling-Chevalier is prepared to handle any aspect of managing your rental property including:

    • Advertising new lease property
    • Set up appointments or open houses to show the property
    • Prepare and execute new leases
    • Collect and record rents
    • Handle late notices
    • Ensure the maintenance of the property
    • Enforce lease rules and regulations
    • Handle complaints from tenants, neighbors, or police and mediate any disputes
    • Oversee any renovations or cleanings of the property
    • Much more as needed or requested

    Whatever your management needs may be, Snelling-Chevalier Real Estate can take care of them for you. Set up a free consultation today to discuss your property and its needs. Take the anxiety out of owning rental property and put our expert managers to work for you!